Up To You Lounge

Up To You Lounge Angeles CityUp To You Lounge is formerly known as Honky Tonk Bar, where was closed, re-opened, and renamed in November 2011. It is located on Santos Street straight across from the luxury hotel Wild Orchid Resort, only few minutes walk to Fields Avenue, regarded as one of the most popular bars on the street and always full of bar hoppers.

Up To You Lounge (Honky Tonk Bar) is a medium size beer bar where you can enjoy drinking, chatting with the pretty friendly hostesses, playing pool with friends, watching live National Rugby League games or retro music videos on TV. As the lounge is situated right next to the street, you can also enjoy observing the life of people on this cheerful street.

Drink prices at Up To You bar is on the cheap side compared to other bars in the same area; local drinks are 50 Pesos and lady drinks are 120 Pesos. Yummy food such as pizza, toasted sandwiches, French fried, sausage rolls and meat pies are also available if you feel hungry.

Up To You Lounge is open 24/7 and it is worth to stop by and have some fun.

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