Hacienda Superclub

Haceinda Superclub Angeles CityHaceinda Superclub is the newest party club in Angeles City, located at the Century Complex behind Pagcor Casino in Balibago, just a few minutes away from Fields Avenue.

Haceinda Superclub is not only the newest but also the biggest, hippest and busiest nightclub in the city. The entrance is made in Roman styles with huge white pillars and posh decoration inside. When we were there, we looked around and definitely realized that the club was for upper class people and we were a bit under-dressed for this place. Well, it was useless to think too much so we decided to step in. The door charge was 300 Pesos for guys and zero Peso for girls. Great!

When stepped inside, we found Haceinda Superclub was very large designed in a faux-classical theme with a huge round central dance floor featured with dance music from top name DJs of Philippines like DJ Ace Ramos and resident DJ Tholits. We literately felt the non-stop partying and pure clean fun atmosphere here and we really enjoyed it. One thing we found disappointing about Haceinda Superclub was the amount of girls that less than we had expected.

Haceinda Superclub is open on Wednesday to Saturday at 10.00 pm until 6.00 am. If you love clubbing and partying, this nightclub is the “must-visit”.

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