Carousel Bar

Carousel Bar Angeles CityCarousel Bar has been opening since January 2007, located in the heart of Fields Avenue connected to Le Mirage Apartelle and Bistro.

Inside Carousel Bar, we found it is quite spacious with ability to take more than a hundred visitors. As the name Carousel, there is a rotary carousel style dancing stage where the beautiful dancers do the job. There are quite a lot of dancers in the bar, some says there are about 100 dancers but we doubt if it’s true. Anyway, the amount of dancers is still more than other bars in the area. Comfortable seating and sofas are also provided for you to sit back and enjoy the view.

The atmosphere at Carousel Bar is quite good; the hostesses and staffs are so friendly and no hassle. Drink prices are quite average in this area; local drinks are 95 Pesos, boozes are 140 Pesos, dancer drinks are 150 Pesos. Note that no Happy Hour available here and there are some reports about double dancers drinks without prior notice, so be warned to ask about the drink prices clearly before ordering to avoid any trick that might rip you off.

Carousel Bar is open every night from 7.00 pm to 4.00 am. Don’t worry about the brownouts as the bar has its own electric generator.

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