Angelwitch Bar

angelwitch_bar_angeles_cityAngelwitch Bar is one of the most well-known gogo bars in Angeles City, located in Fields Avenue on the corner of Constain Street next to Road House Bar and Salvatorie’s Restaurant. It has been opening its doors since September 2006 and continuously being one of the busiest bars and tourists’ favourite destination in the area.

Angelwitch is a medium size gogo bar consists of a center stage with dancing poles surrounded by high tables and comfortable stools for you to sit and enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the bar. A fine selection of dancers (many of them are real stunners) and friendly hostesses are two of the various magnets that attract customers to come back over and over again, and we are one of those too. These pinays are incredibly nice with good attitude and really know what kind of service we expect from them. We have never been rushed for drinks or ignored when the tips are not offered. That’s what important and indicates why Angelwitch keeps on being very popular continuously.

Drink prices at Angelwitch Bar are quite reasonable; local drinks are 95 Pesos and dancers drinks are 150 Pesos. Since February 2013, the bar has changed their Happy Hour schedule to run from 2.00 pm til 6.00 pm when local drinks are 65 Pesos and every dancers drink you buy you will receive your next drink of equal value free. Recently, Angelwitch also offer Monday Night Party Time during 6.00 pm until 9.00 pm when you can enjoy local drinks at 50 Pesos and dancers drinks at 125 Pesos only. Raffles, prizes and free food are also offered during these 3 hours of fun.

Angelwitch Bar is open daily from 2.00 pm until 5.00 am. Don’t miss this bar, it is highly recommended!

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