Angeles City Bars

Angeles City BarsAngeles City is about 80 kilometers away up north of Manila, only away from Clark Economic Zone and International Airport for 10 minutes. It has become well-known worldwide recently as being one of the most famous attraction cities in Philippines. It is the home of various adult entertainment venues, for example, bars, gogo bars, nightclubs, world class casino, and many more stuff that will definitely make your night more exciting.

The highlight of Angeles City bars takes place at the renowned Balibago district where is a home of famous nightlife spots like Fields Avenue, Perimeter Road (also known as Don Juico Avenue), Santos Street, Real Street, and Raymond Street where attract uncountable travelers to visit the city each year. Fields Avenue seems to be more popular as many bars, gogo bars, night clubs are located there,  including hotels and restaurants. Anyway, there are some interesting venues on Perimeter Road as well.

Compared to Pattaya bars, Angeles City bars are regarded as the potential rival because of their competitive prices on drinks, daily expenses, transportation, and accommodations. Some might say Pattaya bars are more fun and entertaining but as far as we have been experiencing Angeles City bars are not less fun or boring at all. Besides, the pinays are as friendly and pretty as the ladies in Pattaya too. So, this is not our call to judge
but yours!

Here at Angeles City Bars website, we provide various choices for you to select which place should be marked in your “must go” list. We definitely cannot review all the places located in Angeles City but we can promise that you can be sure to get enough useful information to visit this amazing town confidently. Not only lists of entertainment venues, we also provide lists of restaurants and accommodations to facilitate your trip to
this full of fun city. Check out our Updates page to see lists of places we’ve visited.

If your favorite bars are not listed on this site, please feel free to let us know at Suggest a Venue section so we can visit and make a review.


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